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Meet Monica your Midwife

Award Winning - Certified Entrepreneur Coach 

Monica Pope, also known as “The Entrepreneur’s Midwife” a title that fits her like a crown. Monica is an Award-winning Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Certified Entrepreneur and Life Coach. She has achieved overwhelming success in helping high achievers birth their business, find purpose, and make money to live the life they have always wanted.

Monica is the creator of the CEO Therapy™, a cutting edge coaching system that elicits lasting change to overcome business mishaps, avoid a misdiagnosed clinical disorder, and Balanced Birthing Success™, a learning platform that teaches entrepreneurs how to build and scale a business.

Monica’s own story of overcoming depression and anxiety has led her to advocate for a balanced approach to life and business. She is now the President and CEO of Parrott Solutions, a Behavioral Health Outpatient Clinic as well as the founder The CEO Factory, a Business Center for high achievers who are following their dreams and staying healthy in the process. Additionally, Monica owns AlterEgo Makeup (A Makeup Educational Service Company), Atlanta Women Entrepreneurs Inc. (A Business Development & Private Society) and Monica Parrott Inc. (A Business Birthing & Consulting Company).  Many would say Monica is an Atlanta Mogul.


Monica is also known for hosting various events in the Atlanta area. With the success of Purses with Purpose (An Annual purse & toiletries drive), AWEsome KIDpreneur Camp (A Day Camp for teen entrepreneurs) & Women In Business Prayer Breakfast (A day of prayer & activation for business owners)


With over 23 years as a successful entrepreneur and several thriving businesses under her belt, Monica's mission is to help other entrepreneurs give birth to their vision. Through a series of classes and motivational exercises, your mindset will totally shift, you will start to receive clarity and your purpose in business and life is confirmed. Her unique speaking style leaves you with an eagerness and drive to flourish. A serial entrepreneur and mother of one, Monica's incredible ability to produce top-notch results coupled with her unbridled passion for successful entrepreneurship has earned her a reputation as an unshakable business mogul.

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