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The Entrepreneur's Midwife provides
Strategic Planning & Personal Development
for Business Owners & Corporations.

A one-stop, all-inclusive agency to guide entrepreneurs as they launch their business through branding, coaching, consulting, and web design because entrepreneurs should be able to launch under one roof.

Birth Your Dreams today!

Monica Pope

Award Winning Entrepreneur | Certified Entrepreneur Coach | Certified Life Coach 

The Success Birthing Group 444 Success Plan!

Many of you are reaching out to scale your business. This group will be a great start.

Discover how to give birth to your vision, shift your mindset, and receive clarity in your purpose for life and business!

Birth Your Business Successfully with

The Entrepreneur's Midwife.

4 - Months of Group Birthing

4 - Strategy 1 on 1 Calls (14 Mins Express Chat)

4 - Strategy Calendars

4 - Content Calendars

4 - Monthly Group Session (Thursdays, 7PM-9PM EST)

4 - Follow Calls (From our Midwife Assistants in waiting)


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Monica Pope, also known as “The Entrepreneur’s Midwife” a title that fits her like a crown. Monica is an Award-winning Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Certified Entrepreneur and Life Coach. She has achieved overwhelming success in helping high achievers birth their business, find purpose, and make money to live the life they have always wanted.

Monica is the creator of the CEO Therapy™, a cutting edge coaching system for CEO’s that elicits lasting change to overcome business mishaps & avoid and/or treat clinical disorders, and Balanced Birthing Success™, a learning platform that teaches entrepreneurs how to build and scale a business.

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Reset Your Business Systems.
Establish A Business Treatment Plan.
Develop A Business 3-Step Crisis Plan. 
Adopt The Voice Of The Entrepreneur.
Set Personal Development Goals.
Personalized Strategy Plan.

The Journey Towards Your Purpose Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

"This Midwife has been an absolute blessing to my Life! She’s firm, she’s hard but most of all she gets results! The connection we have is God ordained, and I’m confident it will last a life time!

Thank you Monica; you are truly anointed to be a strategic midwife!!"

“This lady has the ability to get you ALL the way together and is PROPHETICALLY Gifted!! In order to walk on water you have to get out of the boat!! Leaders invest in themselves consistently and regularly!!”

“I’ve worked with the Entrepreneur Midwife and it has been amazing . The downloads that she get from Holy Spirit are astounding. I am a witness. Don’t delay and book your 1x1 Strategy Call TODAY!”

Monica Pope, The Entrepreneur's Midwife, and her award-winning consulting firm Parrott Solutions, have proven to be anchored in trusted research to help any C-Suite level executive across various industries develop winning business strategies to generate sustainable cash flow increase, as well as to reform the mindsets of any staff or leadership team to hone in on the dire need for regulating compliance and sustainability of staffing.


Monica Pope delved into our businesses ranging from childcare, healthcare, construction, hospitality, and non-profit. Not only have we seen an 85% increase in federal, state and local funding, but we've also witnessed a 40% decrease in staff turnover.


The Entrepreneur's Midwife has a proven model and track record to earn time and freedom back to any business owner.


Thank you Monica Pope for your continued lending of time and dedication to our overall organizational growth.

- Ebony Ormond-Ham

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