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About The Entrepreneur's Midwife

Monica Pope, also known as “The Entrepreneur’s Midwife” a title that fits her like a crown. Monica is an Award-winning Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Certified Entrepreneur and Life Coach. She has achieved overwhelming success in helping high achievers birth their business, find purpose, and make money to live the life they have always wanted.

Monica is the creator of the CEO Therapy™, a cutting edge coaching system that elicits lasting change to overcome business mishaps, avoid a misdiagnosed clinical disorder, and Balanced Birthing Success™, a learning platform that teaches entrepreneurs how to build and scale a business.

The Experience Dates

June 25th 2PM - 5PM

July 16th 10AM - 5PM

August 27th 10AM - 5PM

June 25TH DMV - DC/Maryland/Virginia

Roundtable - 10 tickets only - Meal À la carte

Location TBA 

July 16th - Greenville North Carolina

Day Class - Lunch Included

Location TBA

August 27th - Macon GA

Day Class - Lunch Included

Location TBA

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